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Living Biotensegrity 

Living Biotensegrity 
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  • 324068
  • 9783943324068
  • Danièle-Claude Martin
  • Kartoniert, 144 S., colour photographs and drawings
  • 2016
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Seit 1997 veröffentlicht der JOLANDOS Verlag wichtige Texte zum Thema Geschichte und Philosophie der Osteopathie. 
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This book provides a detailed look at the structural principles of biotensegrity and the relevance it may have for the architecture of living structures. The author, Danièle-Claude Martin, begins with fundamental thoughts on the integrative mechanics of the human body and progresses to a theoretical framework of biotensegrity that can be useful for both body therapists and movement practictioners. Readers will also find discussions of key concepts in biotensegrity that reflect the concrete application in a wide variety of fields.

In this book:

  • Introduction to biotensegrity: observations - need - history
  • Exploring the principle: constructing models - discovering the essential aspects - implications of the tensegral approach
  • Applying the principle to living structures: the principle in nature - theoretical framework for bodywork - new perspective on anatomy and on movement


  • Liane Simmel: Dance and Biotensegrity
  • Michèle Tarento: Ostéo-éveil and biotensegrity
  • Nadine Quéré: Biotensegrity and manual fascia therapy : the importance of the bone structure
  • Bernard Payrau: Reflections of a cardiologist inspired by the concept of Biotensegrity
  • Diane Drake Vincentz: Exploring the Biotensegral Response Potential With Special Needs Children and Adults - Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation
  • Marc Nürnberger: Towards a tensegral grammar.

Source: Kiener publishing