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Textbook of Osteopathic Medicine

Textbook of Osteopathic Medicine
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  • 52651
  • 9780702052651
  • Johannes Mayer (Hrsg.)
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  • 2018
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For the first time, a 60-person team of internationally renowned editors and authors presents a textbook of osteopathic medicine that is oriented towards clinical symptoms. Introductory chapters on history, philosophy and the spread of osteopathy are followed by a presentation of its scientific basis that clearly demonstrates how firmly osteopathy is rooted in science. Further chapters cover osteopathic research, diagnosis and principles of treatment. Two parts on therapeutic strategies in osteopathic practice form the core of this book. The first is divided into regions of the body, the second into clinical specialties that offer opportunities for osteopathic treatment. In both clinical parts, osteopathic therapy is presented in the entirety in which it is actually practiced - without the common but artificial separation of parietal, visceral and craniosacral treatment. First, the clinical symptom is explained from a medical perspective, then the osteopathic perspective and and treatment is presented. Thus, the title is not only suitable for conveying a profound understanding of osteopaths in training, be they doctors or non-medical practitioners, but also as a clinical reference of osteopathic medicine for everyday treatment.

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